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Progress [Jun. 15th, 2006|09:36 am]
The Father's House, NY



   Church Parking Lot, 2004-2006 

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  • 1.  This is a view looking up from Archer Road.  This is when the parking lot was the smallest.  It's hard to see but it is just left of that truck and you can also barely notice the nice small grassy hill on the far left, which is better seen in pic 2.
  • 2.  This view is looking west, directly south of the parking lot.  This was when we all were given stakes in service for Commitment Sunday, and walked across the street and stuck them there.  Currently, that spot is now expanded parking lot.
  • 3.  Here is a picture of the even larger parking lot, with the fairly new exit route to Archer Road.
  • 4.  This picture taken only yesterday shows the expansion of the stane/gravel.  You can see the exit road now top the left side.  I don't think it's a parking lot because there is already have quite enough room.  It may be some groundwork for the new church? Idk.